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The Learning Consultant Journal

The Association of Learning Consultants publishes The Learning Consultant Journal. It is the policy of The Learning Consultant Journal to publish articles expressing a wide variety of positions and opinions of special interest to the Learning Consultant.
The Learning Consultant Journal publications are posted on this website under the Members Only section.
Guidelines for Submitting Articles
Types of articles accepted:
  • Research
  • Position Papers
  • Innovative program descriptions
  • Book, test or material reviews
  • Rules and regulation information
  • Case studies
Instructions for Authors:
  • Articles must be submitted electronically, in Microsoft Word 2007 or later
  • Format must be in accordance with standards of the American Psychological Association
  • Reference citations should follow APA style
  • Cover page should include the title of the article, authors' names, affiliations, address, email address and phone number
  • On a separate sheet, attach a brief abstract of your article (150 words or less) and a brief autobiographical statement as you would like it to appear in the journal, to be included in the author's notes
For further information or to submit articles,
please contact LC Journal Chair

Dr. Jan-Tausch Scholarship Opportunity
James Jan Tausch, Ph.D endowed the NJALC with funds to support ongoing research and/or demonstration projects for children with learning problems.
Click the button above to download the awards guidelines and application.

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