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Opportunities abound this year to be a leader in your state organization. Its election time for the NJALC Executive Board positions.

As an all-volunteer organization, the association depends on the active participation of its members and provides professional development hours in return. In addition, this is an opportunity to learn the inner workings of the board, participate in decision making and have a voice regarding conference and region topics. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to have some fun while guiding the future of this fabulous group of LDTCs!
Executive Board Position 
  Spring Chairperson and Committee 
 Ever want to design a conference with your favorite topics and speakers? Now is your chance, the position for the Spring Conference 2022 is open to anyone ready to volunteer their time and ideas. Clear, specific directions, a healthy budget and mentoring by the current chair and committee members will be provided. We do anticipate an in-person conference.
If you are ready to demonstrate your organizational skills and your creativity, please contact the president@newjerseyalc.org
 Legislative Watchdog Wanted

A new position is being created to monitor legislation related to special education at the state and federal levels as necessary.
The ideal candidate must be comfortable with negotiating the website for IDEA, the Supreme Court, our state legislature, NJEA’s website, and CEC’s website on a regular basis to monitor any changes, updates or challenges to IDEA and/or NJ Code 6A. Then a written report should be prepared and submitted to the executive board on a regular schedule regarding relevant news.
If interested contact Maureen Mahon at president@newjerseyalc.org.

  Advocacy Committee
The NJALC needs a committee to steer its advocacy efforts. Representation is needed to ensure input concerning decisions related to special education reached by the state department of special education and the legislative committees. While the state department often reaches out to school psychologist, speech therapist and social worker organizations, learning consultants, who lack a national organization, are often left out of decision making. This is reflected by recent committees leading the way during the pandemic. Despite being affiliated with NJEA and participating actively as participants in Co-CST, we do not have a voice. Every time the code is opened or changes are proposed, our organization has to scramble for a place at the table. Members of the school psychologist’s organization have offered training.

Requirements for membership on the committee: current membership of NJALC, and willingness to work collaboratively to formulate an outreach plan to establish an active relationship with state department members and legislative committee members, follow trends in legislative bills, and represent the best interests of NJALC.

The leader(s) of the group will report to the executive board and coordinate information sharing with Co-CST members and executive board. Meetings may be in person or virtual dependent on the needs or activities of the group.

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