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As an all-volunteer organization, the association depends on the active participation of its members and provides professional development hours in return. In addition, this is an opportunity to learn the inner workings of the board, participate in decision making and have a voice regarding conference and region topics. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to have some fun while guiding the future of this fabulous group of LDTCs!
Executive Board Position
  • Have custody of all NJALC funds and deposit them in the name of the NJALC in such banks approved by the Executive Board.
  • Be responsible for the payment of all bills authorized by the Executive Board and/or committees.
  • Be a member of the Finance Committee. 
  • Keep the financial records and furnish a statement to the Executive Board at regular board meetings (6 times per year). 
  • Present the current fiscal financial statement at the business meeting at the Spring Conference. 
  • Submit for audit all financial records of the NJALC. (NJALC employs an accountant to handle all tax filings) 
INTERESTED? Email Chris Holmes

Executive Board Position
  • Record in written form minutes of all meetings of the association. 
  • Send a copy of the Executive Board minutes to all Executive Board members following each meeting. 
  • Handle correspondence and communication of the NJALC as directed by the president.
INTERESTED? Email Chris Holmes

  Executive Board Position
REGION III: Morris, Sussex and Warren Counties
REGION VI: Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties
DUTIES INCLUDE:  Plan and host two weeknight or Saturday professional development workshops per year and participate in NJALC Executive Board meetings to share information and resources.
NJALC provides a step-by-step task analysis to follow along with a generous yearly budget. NJALC has a list of topics and presenters to help you set up workshops. There will be a how-to-session to help our new volunteers hold their first session and continuing support will be provided as needed.

If you are interested, please contact Maureen Mahon.

Executive Board Position 

DUTIES INCLUDE: The chairperson would create a committee to share the responsibilities for soliciting, evaluating, and publishing various scholarly articles and other relevant materials in the annual Journal on a wide variety of topics of interest for LDTC’s. These can include humorous stories from the field, critiques of materials, sharing of techniques, as well as master thesis and Ph.D. dissertation. A budget and leads will be provided by the executive board members.
If you are interested, please contact Maureen Mahon.

Executive Board Position 

DUTIES INCLUDE: Attend Co-CST meetings every other month and participate in discussions with school psychologists and social workers along with our NJEA Affiliate representative. Help influence and support ideas and positions. Varied topics include privatization, code changes, court cases, staffing expectations, changes in SLD determination, and other pertinent matters.
Unlike other positions, this one requires that any candidate must be actively employed in the public schools, as we need the view from the inside. More than one candidate is welcomed. Current committee members will continue and provide mentoring. The group meets every other month at 5:00 p.m. on Zoom until further notice. (In-person meetings are in the Princeton area.)
If you are interested, please contact Maureen Mahon.

Executive Board Position 

Have you ever wanted to design a conference with your favorite topics and speakers? Now is your chance. The chairperson and committee positions for the Fall Symposium 2022 are open to anyone ready to volunteer their time and ideas. Clear, specific directions, a healthy budget, and mentoring by the former chairs and committee members will be provided. We do anticipate an in-person conference.
If you are ready to demonstrate your organizational skills and your creativity,
please contact Maureen Mahon.
Not ready to lead one alone, bring your friends or submit as a "worker bee.”

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