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NJALC Response to Remote Testing During School Closures

The Executive Board of the New Jersey Association of Learning Consultants (NJALC) is very aware of the significant impact that has resulted from mandatory school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the considerable impact on our state, we recognize that the physical and psychological well-being of students, families, educators are the immediate and overriding priority.  
As per NJALC Code of Ethics, Learning Consultants believe that society will be best served when investigation is based on sound judgment and research is planned in such a way to minimize the possibility that findings could be misleading.  Learning Consultants are responsible professionals who are dedicated to serving their students and clients while maintaining the fundamental principles and rules of ethical conduct.  Learning Consultants recognize the boundaries of their competence and do not offer services that fail to meet professional standards.  In that effort, the NJALC does not condone the practice of remote testing for students.  It is our position that Educational Evaluations follow best practices without deviations from standardization.  Changes to testing protocol invalidates the test results, potentially impacting eligibility decision-making. While publishers have made tests and protocols available for remote assessments; our association does not support these modified assessments. They do not currently meet the standardization, validity, or reliability requirements for ethical use.
In addition, we as know as Learning Consultants that our relationship established typically with our students often result in positive and more authentic assessments. Computer screens are not always conducive for this purpose as we have learned.
Our position is that members of NJALC should complete evaluations with the available information when possible; however, for classifications which require standardized assessment, eligibility can not be decided at this time. All other IEP related activities should be completed in a timely manner.
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