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Event : Deadline for NJALC Research Journal Articles for March 2022
Category: NJALC Research Journal
Date: 1/7/2022
NJALC Research Journal
Our NJALC Journal and Research Team is seeking your support as we encourage you to explore these upcoming topics in our Learning Consultant Research Journal for 2021. We are interested in your submission of articles in our journal on these topics. For each submission month, we will be open to the collection of articles on the following topics:
  • Access to Experts- What the Research Says & How it is Assessed & Delivered
  • Technology Tips
  • Review of Evaluation Template
  • Book, Material, or Assessment Review
  • Special Education Law
  • Case Management/IEPs
Likewise, we will do our best to raise awareness about disabilities. Please submit articles by the due date. If you would like a head start on upcoming topics, please review the topics below. The NJALC Journal and Research Team appreciates your submissions and will review all proposals for approval. If you have any questions, please contact me at journal@newjerseyalc.org 
NJALC Research Journal 2022

March 2022: Written Language Disabilities/Dysgraphia/Text Structure to Support Comprehension & Writing/Writing Programs for Review: Writing Revolution, WIAT-Writing Section Review
Deadline for articles: January 7, 2022

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